6 Websites Make Animated videos

6 Websites Make Animated videos

Websites Make Animated – according to one study, the lecture method in delivering subject matter can sometimes make students easily feel bored. In addition, this method is also considered to have an element of coercion for students, where they must continue to listen to the subject matter delivered in one direction from the teacher.

This will be very problematic for students who have a visual learning style. They will easily get bored and even sleepy when studying in class. With the existence of technology and the convenience it provides, it makes it easier for teachers to develop fun learning media. One of them is by making animated videos.

The following are 6 Websites Make Animated videos

1. Canva

Currently, Canva is a graphic processing platform that is widely used by many people. This is because this platform provides many ready-to-use features and templates. Starting from presentation templates, posters, CVs, and of course for making learning videos.

For its own use, Canva can be used through its application or through its website or website only. With Canva you can create animated learning videos using pre-made templates or with your own creations. Apart from pro templates, you will also find lots of free templates here.

2. Animaker

Animaker is a software for making animated videos that are practical to use. With Animaker you can create animated characters according to your wishes, by adjusting the appearance of the available characters according to your favorite model or style.

Apart from that, we can adjust the movements and expressions of these animated characters later, you know. Among them are hand movements with happy, sad expressions, or other expressions. Not only that, you can also give voice overs via Animaker voice. The trick, you only need to type explanatory text and later it will be converted into a human-like voice.

3. Powtoons

Furthermore, what you can use to make learning animation videos is Powtoon. Powtoon has provided many templates and cartoon animations that we can adjust the movement. Among them are waving, typing, explaining in front of the class and others.

There are also many types of animated characters available in Powtoon. Starting from the characters of teachers, doctors, police, and other professional characters. This will make it very easy for teachers to make fun and cool learning videos.

4. Videoscribe

 Application for making video presentations in the form of animations in whiteboard / whiteboard style. VideoScribe has a simple interface and easy to use. That’s why, you don’t need to have special skills in using this one application.

There are many features provided by VideoScribe. Among them, there are thousands of images that you can choose from, a feature to adjust the duration of each object, enter a backsound, select the type of export file (such as mp4, wav), share it on social media, and other features.

5. Doraemon

The next website that you can use is Doratoon. This explainer video maker is website-based and provides many editable templates. You can also change the elements, be it the style or the color. One of the advantages that Doratoon has is that you can choose between a vertical or horizontal format in the video display. You can adjust this according to your wishes or needs in making videos.

6. Vyond

Although Vyond is not free. However, this software, formerly known as GoAnimate, is liked by many people because of its unusual features. This is because the quality of the animation produced by Vyond is professional and the workflow is fast. Animated characters and interesting backgrounds are the main aspects that make many people love Vyond. The templates provided on this website are also many and cool, you know.Websites Make Animated videos

From the explanation above, it can be a recommendation for you in choosing a platform to make learning animated videos. Now, which one are you interested in trying?