Today’s Animator Profession

Today’s Animator A good animated film always leaves an unforgettable impression, some of which are Frozen, Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille, Shrek, The Incredibles, and many more. This film lives on for all time, it even becomes a wonderful childhood memory for someone. Today’s Animator Profession

Not only entertaining, there are many important values raised in animated films. The goal is to educate in a way that is easily accepted and understood. Not only children, parents also need to watch animated films to get to know children’s characters in the real world.

Today’s Animator Profession

Most Famous Animated Movies

Talking about animated films, there are a number of names that play a very important role and are known to produce the best animated shows, namely Pixar Animation Studio, Walt Disney Animation Studio, Dreamworks Animation, and Warner Bros. From this production studio, various popular animated films have been produced which are popular with children around the world.

One of the films that left the best impression, even today, is Toy Story from Pixar Animation Studio. The work was first produced in 1995 in association with Walt Disney Pictures. The film tells the story of toys that come to life and go on adventures when their owners are not around.

Pixar animation has won at least 19 Academy Awards and has earned up to $3 billion through its animation at the box office. In 2006, Pixar merged with Disney.

Walt Disney Animation Studio is an animation production house steeped in history. Starting in 1923, the first character to mark Disney’s presence in the world of entertainment was Mickey Mouse. After that, today’s children are fascinated by the characters Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

Another historical animated film that has inspired many people is Shrek. Based on a fairy tale, Shrek with an unattractive appearance has become a favorite character. To satisfy the audience, Shrek is present in the next three sequels.

Latest Animated Movies

Animated films still have a special place in the hearts of film fans. Many people are waiting for the latest film works with a more powerful breakthrough. So, for 2022, there are a number of films planned to be released.

One of them, Turning Red, is slated to air on March 11, 2022. This film tells the story of a girl who struggles to obey her parents during her teenage years. This is an animated film from an Oscar-winning director.

In the middle of the year, there was a Lightyear animated film inspired by Buzz Lightyear, one of the Toy Story characters. Reportedly, this film will explore the background of an astronaut.

In addition, there are a number of other films planned to be released in 2022, including Artemis, Bob’s Burger: The Movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and a number of other projects that are still under wraps. Film lovers, especially animation fans, certainly won’t miss these works.

Studying Animation

It is clear that animated films are a means of entertainment as well as education that can be accepted by the public. Because of this, there is currently a need for human resources who can make high-quality animated films.

Is here through the Visual Communication Design – Animation study program to become a solution. Through this study program, this world-class Indonesian university tries to prepare a new generation of creative animators with spectacular ideas.

Not only are they open to career prospects as film animators, graduates of Visual Communication Design – Animation are also expected to be able to enter the fields of gaming, art, interior design, business, and so on. The presence of these new animators will also color the world of animation in Indonesia, even the world.

Well, here’s what you can do to become an animator. Therefore, don’t delay, prepare yourself immediately to study at  and start your journey as a real animator.

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