Tips Playing Guitar

Tips Playing Guitar

Tips Playing Guitar The guitar instrument is very popular, especially among young people. The guitar can produce a variety of popular music, which of course is familiar to our ears. This instrument fits into all types of musical genres, from pop, jazz, rock, metal, and other types of music. In addition, playing the guitar can also give a cool impression to those who play it.

When a musician holds a concert guitar, it will look very cool when playing this instrument. Not only musicians will look cool when playing this instrument. When we are hanging out with friends, we can warm up the atmosphere by singing accompanied by guitar.

The guitar usually has 6 strings, starting from the smallest string at the bottom, to the biggest at the very top. Guitar has 2 types that are often us, namely acoustic and electric. Both types of guitars have a similar tone on each string. What distinguishes the two is the tuning.

The basic chord on the guitar is divid into 2, namely the regular basic key or the minor basic key. The basic guitar chords that are often play are C major, G major, A major, E major, and D major. Each key of each finger has a different placement. To better understand, see the key image below.


Key C

Key D

Key E

Key F

G Key

Key A

Lock Dm

Key Em

Key Am

There are a number of things that must be consider first if you want to learn guitar. Learning guitar cannot be instantaneous, we need a long process to be able to play it. Here are some tips that must  considered when learning guitar for beginners.

· Use references to study (internet or song books)

The internet provides a lot of what we need, including learning guitar. We can see guitar chords and songs to learn from the internet. Apart from the internet, we can also learn from song books. In the book there are also guitar chords, it can make it easier for us to learn.

· Train hand muscle memory

At the beginning of learning guitar, our hands and fingers will feel uncomfortable with keys that are quite difficult. We just need to get us to the position. When we are familiar with the position of the strings and frets, you can easily play the chords without even looking at them.

· Fret Strength in the Hands

We have to build the strength of the fingers, one way to train our fingers is by squeezing things for 5 minutes. The goal is that the fingers when playing the guitar do not feel stiff.

· Start by learning one song

Practice by learning one song. Choose an easy song, with simple keys. Continue to learn one song until fluent. The goal is to choose songs with simple chords to make it easier for us when learning. Try not to choose songs with complex chords.

After you have learned everything, the most important thing is that you have to practice regularly. Even though it looks difficult, don’t be lazy to practice. Try to do it regularly every day to practice so that your hands don’t get stiff and get us to playing the guitar.