The Greatest Lucid Dream

The Greatest Lucid Dream

How much time does a person need? How much time does a person want? Reality when really thought about is a dream we create with priorities made ultimately by ourselves. Everything that has happened or could possibly happen is really what we make into reality.

So, I am saying that all that we are calm or nervous about is the greatest lucid dream in existence. We create our cause and effect, wanted or not.

Think about that fact for a moment, whether it is a reality we like of great earnings and consistent lottery winnings or poverty and taxes owed, we create it all.

I am not writing this so much for you or anyone to like it. I am writing about reality without filters or “game playing”. Call this article the non-game experience of what it all comes down to, in fact. For reality is something we live in, not something that just happens to us.

The most genuine foolishness is thinking we are the effect and not the cause. We are the winners we make ourselves through our actions, we are the losers we make ourselves through our actions. It all starts where we genuinely are without a doubt. The only genuine prison or freedom is within us anyway.

We want our time, we need our time, right? Well, I can only say start taking causative action wherever you are and mean it. Because, nobody is an effect, really. Also, nobody outside yourself is really going to save you from yourself except you. Call it the thirteenth step in Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety program, or getting your “boot straps” of will power working, you have a choice to live in a successful way or as a failure, do you not?

I have made my choice. I live unrelentingly in reality in a sober, driven by myself way. Sure, I am not an atheist, but, I do understand without a doubt that God gave us the genuine choice of the genuine or fake path to follow with all free will honesty. That is all. The universe is neutral as the road is neutral with its forks and paths, but our paths of life and existence are caused by ourselves genuinely for good or bad. For good, we must work. For bad, we settle if we do not work and earn the good. So, I end with my over used Mark Spitz 1972 Munich Olympics quote: “We all love to win, but who loves to train?”

I end in this context though: We are the cause and effect of our dreams, we either work for the good or settle for the bad. That is it.