Philosophy and Science

Philosophy and Science Today there are many branches of knowledge that have developed rapidly. From the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, economics, geography, and others. Then do you know what is the definition of science? and what is the nature of knowledge?

for some people maybe a narrative like this is not that important and they are even indifferent to this. Yes it’s true that now we are spoil by the digital era which is instantaneous, looking for information. Personal needs even knowledge and insight is very easy in the. Digital era without having to look for and queue at bookstores. Scientific institutions and the teacher council, is that wrong?

certainly not.

but in other words. If you can’t or don’t have the adequate capacity to accommodate the myriad of scientific nuanced information. It will be chaotic. Therefore before far from that let’s find out and study about this.

Definition of science:

to quote the words of Jujun S. Suriasumantri in his book entitled PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE. “Science is knowledge that we struggle with from elementary school to further education and tertiary education. Literally meaning knowledge is something that we have used since an early age but we are not aware of it.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). Science is defin as knowledge about a field that is systematically arrang according to certain methods. That can be us to explain certain phenomena in the field of knowledge. And if we draw the meaning of ushul fiqh:

“الْعِلْمُ إِدْرَاكُ الشَّيْءِ عَلَى مَا هُوَ عَلَيْهِ إِدْرَاكًا جَازِمًا”

“Science is knowing something as it really is with certain knowledge”

There are lots of explanations that explain specifically the title of understanding. Science and of course about science we already know clearly but we are not very fluent in defining it.

Definition of philosophy

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). The notion of philosophy is knowledge and investigation with reason regarding the nature of all that exists. Its causes, origins, and laws.

Philosophy according to Hasbullah Bakry is a science that specifically explores the science of the universe. Explores humans and explores divinity in order to produce further knowledge. Philosophy is simply a deep and essential knowledge with a very detailed form.

when juxtaposed with the definition of science. Philosophy completes the definition of science, and it is the problematics of science that make philosophy appear on the surface. Even though basically philosophy is the only stimulus. In the development of science or the reference for the right and wrong of science.

science phylosophy

basically all knowledge or science is speculation, and speculation is us to justify it. In other words all knowledge that has been confirm to be true is based on speculative studies. Until a new knowledge or science that is more justifiable or acceptable to humans. Will be replac by it and even then based on speculation. According to Peter Caws. The philosophy of science is a science that tries to study all human experience which will produce theories about humans and the universe.

Philosophy of science can also be interpret with the nature of science, meaning to understand in depth the meaning of science with theoretical studies. can’t break a word or two if we discuss philosophy, so from that we have already noticed thick philosophy books with hundreds of pages filled with characters like soldiers’ lines.

even Imam Al-Ghazali said “Who doesn’t master mantiq, his knowledge is not trust.”

We can interpret this mantiq with logic, eleven and twelve with philosophy, some even say mantiq is the philosophy of the Arabs. when it comes to philosophy in Indonesia, it doesn’t kick very much if you don’t quote Bung Rocky’s words anyway who doesn’t know him? there is no need to doubt about matters that smell of philosophy to him, this man who has studied philosophy for decades is very fluent when asked about philosophy.

Philosophy used to be call the mother of all knowledge,” he said. “So philosophy is the axis and source of all knowledge,” he said again. So, it can be conclud that the philosophy of science is the nature of knowledge which is based on logic, reason and detailed and fundamental exploration.

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