Legendary Comic Panji Turned into Animated Film

Legendary Comic Panji Turned into Animated Film

Legendary Comic The legendary comic Panji Skull will be lift in the form of big screen animation. This project will recruit Denny Sumargo as the voice actor for the film adaptation of the comic by Hans Jaladara. This animat film adaptation of Panji Skull will be produc by animator. Daryl Wilson and under the auspices of Falcon Studios.

Daryl Wilson is an animator who worked on previous Falcon animated films such as Si Juki and Warkop DKI Reborn. This story has actually been in development for the last two years. And finally this time we can officially announce that this story will  made into an animat version,” said Frederica. Producer of Falcon Pictures at a media conference.

From the ’60s, martial arts comics were the pioneers, then continued in 1972 through films. And now we want to build on that trail again so that we can introduce it to the current generation.” He continued. According to Frederica, the reason her team chose to make. Panji Skull an animation was because of the. Potential for technical difficulties to be achiev when working on this story as live-action.

In line with Frederica, Daryl feels that this animated version is very. Appropriate because it can make the audience more immersed in an imaginative world. Moreover, according to Daryl, the dark story of Panji Skull is suitable to  made into an animated version.

Even so, this project is consider by Daryl to remain a challenge for him. One of them, the implementation of stories in ancient comics is relevant today. “In executing it, we have developed a lot of research and. Exaggerated sets that make use of cultural heritage in Indonesia,” said Daryl.

“Therefore we need research, from reliefs, ornaments, clothes. To weapons and others for us to redesign and develop the characters,” he continued. Panji Skull is a fictional story that follows a character named Panji. A warrior involved in a major war in the 15th century.

In the animat version, Panji Skull will  shown as a figure who  looking for his identity again. After being left by his wife to die in a war. The Panji Skull animated film will be voic by Denny Sumargo. Donny Damara, Cok Simbara, Aghniny Haque, Nurra Datau, Donny Alamsyah, and Revaldo.

Panji Skull is schedul to be releas in theaters in mid-2024.