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Avatar Animated Good news for fans of the animated Avatar. Avatar Studios is reportedly working on another new Avatar project after Avatar. The Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra which are rumor to be coming in 2025. According to information shared by Avatar News on Thursday (22/12/2022). The next animated series in the Avatar Universe will focus on earthbenders who replace Aang and Korra as Avatar.

Now the new series is in the process of being work on by Avatar Studios and Paramount. If there are no obstacles, the latest series of Avatar is target to appear in 2025. In a statement, Avatar News also reported that the animated film featuring the new. Earthbending Avatar of their era will also hit theaters in a few years after the series’ official release.

However, the website that contains the latest news specifically about Avatar still doesn’t have detailed information regarding the release schedule. But they claim that this “won’t be a very long wait.” It’s not yet  how far into the future the new Avatar series will set. But if you look at the time set of the previous series. Avatar News has its own picture of this new series.

A very rough estimate based on past Avatar sets is that if set 100 years from a time after Korra. Then it would be in an Avatar world on par with our current world and today,” wrote Avatar News.

2025 is expect to be a big launch for Avatar Studios. Apart from releasing the latest series, they are also schedul to launch the animated film Avatar. The Last Airbender which has an unknown title to the big screen on October 10, 2025. Meanwhile, the live action version adapt by Netflix is expect to be releas in 2023.

Avatar News itself can be a reliable source of information to find out the latest updates from Avatar even though its track record is not solid. Some of the information may also be wrong. But so far, the information Avatar News has shared regarding the live-action Avatar developments on Netflix has been appropriate, long before Netflix officially announced its line-up.

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