Importance Philosophy Life

Importance Philosophy Life

Importance Philosophy Life – Philosophy very rarely heard in people’s lives. They often wonder what philosophy is all about? What is philosophy about? And they also think that the word philosophy. Is difficult to hear and it seems that the word philosophy. Is discussing things that they think are difficult to understand. Well, here I will explain a little about “The Role of Philosophy in Community Life.

Philosophy is a discipline that can only be studied by an elite group.

This results in two things. The first is that philosophy is difficult to understand in the wider community. And the second is that many people do not understand the meaning and role of philosophy in everyday life. First, as an intellectual movement, what meant by intellectuals here is the process of transforming people’s lives. Secondly, to encourage philosophical reflection in serving human development, and thirdly, namely. The development of sustainable philosophy is an educational process.

Philosophy in life experience can form a person more creative in outlook on life because ideas emerge. Namely in the form of desires. With philosophy we know more or are able to deal. With fundamental questions or it can also called the meaning of reality and be responsible which are not. Within the authority of special scientific methods.

Humans in philosophizing can invite to add insight that is wise, broad-minded about various problems.

Humans are expect to be able to solve problems, namely by identifying answers that can be obtain  easily. In human life, philosophy has an important role, one of which we just take as an example from the role in science.

Philosophy in gathering knowledge really understands its role in gathering, so philosophy can said to be the mother of all sciences for the great mother of the sciences. Apart from being the parent of the philosophical sciences, it can also handle all knowledge that has another role, namely as an auxiliary to science, where the community can interpret it little by little.

The educational process is an organic human development that includes physical aspects, social intelligence, and morality. It can be interpret that education can help each individual to develop himself and the habits of living as a member of society. Society and schools are educational communities that grow each individual or people to be able to think, act fairly, and behave in ways that can reflect themselves both inside and outside.

Loving wisdom means having a broad and responsible outlook on life.

Wisdom and the quality of love seem to direct the ability to live a more practical and good life. By understanding the etymological meaning of philosophy as the love of wisdom between philosophy and real life experience. In this view, it has two important characteristics, namely starting from a critical attitude of philosopher’s reflection and interpreting life experience efforts. And the second explains and criticizes life experience which includes based on traditional beliefs that exist in society in the form of morality.

In the context of an increasingly complex society, the process of philosophizing must require an interdisplener approach that has meaning. There needs to be a place that provides information about various scientific studies in the fields of law, morals, and social sciences which do not only serve to describe facts but also form attitudes towards these facts. Philosophy purifies the attitude of responsibility and preserves its role in realizing the values contained. This is in line with one of the important tasks of philosophy which can provide rational accountability for life experiences.

Philosophy is really relevant and can make a concrete contribution to the development of living together. Philosophy is an educational process for humans in developing themselves as a whole. Human life as organically formed for unity and unity in aspects. Each individual in the Importance of philosophy as follows:

By philosophizing, one will become more human, develop and educate himself more.

From philosophy lessons it is hop that every human being can think about himself. Give the basics of our knowledge, give a synthesis or view so that all knowledge is includ in unity. So that life is led by knowledge. This is because knowing the basic truth means knowing the basics of life.

It has a special importance, this is because philosophy provides the basis for other knowledge about humans, for example sociology, education, psychology and so on. also helps to carry out social services so that he can realize his role as an enlightener and motivator who continuously needs to construct himself to become a gift of real existence in the presence of the hidden hand of the Supreme Creator of this universe.

Philosophy of education is the science of philosophy that studies the nature of philosophy of education is the science of philosophy that studies the nature of implementation and education. Materials studied include objectives, background, methods, results, and the nature of education. The method used is to critically analyze the structure and benefits of education.