Humorous meaning

Humorous meaning

Humorous meaning The term humorous is often pinn on someone who has a funny character or likes to laugh and is cheerful. Someone who is humorous usually has a distinctive laughter voice and the existence of this harmonious figure is able to make the atmosphere exciting and happy. Maybe those of you who have friends with whom you hang out with humor will realize that this figure can lighten the mood with his behavior or words.

Having a friend or close person who is humorous is luck in itself. The reason, humorous friends are very lik around them. This is because he is able to bring happiness to others. Not everyone has humorous qualities, therefore humorous people seem special and special.

In fact, not infrequently, the figure of a humorous person is like a happy virus that can also transmit happiness to those around him. However, the meaning of humor has a fairly broad discussion.

Humorist is someone who has a sense of humor. Meanwhile, humor is something or a situation that is funny and can be funny.

The following is an explanation of the meaning, characteristics, and types of humor

Humorous meaning.

Etymologically, humorous comes from the English word humorous as a noun. The word is then absorb in Indonesian to become “humorous.”According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), humorous is someone who has a sense of humor. Meanwhile, humor is something or a situation that is funny and can make someone’s heart laugh.

Someone who is humorous  as a person who has a great sense of humor. Humorous people usually don’t want their surroundings to feel sad or not positive. Therefore, he will try to lighten the mood and try to make the environment around him happy, both through chatter and cute behavior.

However, there are some responses that show that someone who is humorous is someone who has deep sadness. However, to cover up his sadness by being happy and laughing. Investigate a calibaration, people who like to laugh it turns out to hide true feelings of sadness.

Humorous people.

The following are the characteristics of people who have a high sense of humor or humor.

1. Friendly.

Characteristic of people who have humorous nature is friendly. In fact, he did not hesitate to say hello and smile when he met. In addition, humorous people also like to mingle so it’s easy to build friendships.

2. Creative.

Usually the behavior of humorous people exceeds the expectations of people around. Making jokes is not easy, but he is able to throw crisp conversation material to heard. This also indicates that humorous people can process various topics so that they can  spoken spontaneously.

3. Sensitive to surroundings.

Instinct wants to entertain for humorous people, he will be sensitive to the situation in the surrounding environment. For example, when a friend is sad, he will come over. The goal can be just to listen to vent. Usually humorous people can also find the right time and moment to throw a joke or joke.

Kind of humor.

After knowing the meaning and characteristics of a humorous person, you may start to think that being a humorous person is not an easy thing. So, here are some explanations about the types of humor that you need to know. Each type of humor has a different function. Here’s an explanation.

1. Affiliative humor.

Affiliative humor is someone who has a tendency to always tell jokes or stories on purpose. The purpose of this type of humorist is to make people around him laugh. In addition, this type of humor is also us as a goal for humorous people who have a desire to build comfort in relationships.

2. Self-defeating humour.

This type of self-defeating humor is a type of humor that is us to entertain others by making oneself an object, even though it must be humiliat. Humor like this can found in humorous people who laugh when they ridicul. It serves to hide one’s true feelings from others.

3. Aggressive humour.

This type of aggressive humor is a type of humor that can  seen in someone who likes to use jokes to attack people, ranging from demeaning, belittling, and even manipulating other people. Type of humor usually takes the form of offensive jokes or ridicule that offends people. This type of humor has the potential to get caught up in jokes that involve sexist or racist behavior.

4. Self-enhancing humor.

People who have a self-enhancing humor style tend to want to maintain a humorous outlook on life, without caring about the existence of other people. This type of humor can usually be us for someone who wants to relieve stress or comfort their sense of self.

Lack of humorous people.

Besides being able to make other people happy, someone who is humorous also has some shortcomings that can harm others. Here are some disadvantages of humorous people.

1. Can’t  taken seriously.

For people who have a humorous nature, it will usually be difficult to choose the right time to joke or be serious. Inde, humor can give happiness, but when humor is convey in inappropriate situations, when people want to talk and think seriously, this can definitely be annoying. Therefore, this trait can be one of the shortcomings of a humorist that has an impact on himself and those around him.

2. The speech is sharp.

The lack of a humorous person is his sharp words or words. It could  that a humorous person is difficult to control his words, because he thinks it’s just a joke without knowing the feelings of other people who are offend.

3. Often irritates his lover, because he feels jealous.

One of the risks of having a humorous partner is having lots of friends. If you can’t control your feelings, then you will feel jealous. Because, humorous people seem to have a friendly nature and can get along with anyone.