Characteristics Humorous People

Characteristics Humorous People

Humorous People – The word humorous is often attached to the figure of a person who is funny and likes to laugh. With his cheerful laughter, the presence of a humorous figure always manages to liven up the atmosphere. Humorous nature is also often included in the list of criteria for the ideal boy or girl to be a girlfriend. From this fact, humorous nature looks so special. Indeed, what is the true meaning of humor?

Not everyone has a humorous nature. Maybe this is what then makes the meaning of humorous seem special and special. Moreover, a humorous always looks happy. In fact, not infrequently, a humorous figure is like a happy virus that also makes people around him feel happy too.

1. Meaning of Humor

The shift in the meaning of humor or what is now known as the meaning of humor occurred in the Middle Ages. At that time, two writers named Chapman and McGhee in their book, Children’s Humor called humor a response to a joking situation which was usually followed by a smile or laughter. From here then, the meaning of humor as a cheerful person emerged and developed to this day.

2. Characteristics of Humorous People

Based on the explanation of the meaning of humor above, it’s no wonder that humorous is a nickname that is attached to someone who is funny and laughs easily. Humorous people will easily laugh at something he thinks is funny. More specifically, there are several characteristics that can indicate someone has a sense of humor.
Some of these characteristics include the following.

1) Easy to Smile and Laugh

Someone who has a humorous nature will easily smile and laugh when he encounters funny things. They will find it difficult to hide their happy expression and liking for something they find interesting.

2) Look Carefree

Because it is easy to smile and laugh, a person with a humorous nature also almost always looks cheerful. With his always cheerful demeanor, a humorous person is able to dispel the sadness and boredom of other people, and can liven up the atmosphere.

3) Good at Saving Sadness

Behind his cheerful and easy-to-laugh figure, a humorous person often harbors sadness. They are reluctant to show their sadness in front of many people, because they don’t want to look sad and gloomy. In addition, people who are humorous also do not want to share their sadness for fear of making other people feel sad and gloomy too.

4) Tend to be spontaneous

Another characteristic of a humorous person is his spontaneous nature. Humorous people are very candid and not contrived. This makes it creative and fast in responding to something. Specifically, a response to something they find funny and interesting.

5) Easy to Get along with

With a cheerful nature, humorous people also tend to be easy to get along with. They will easily adapt to a new environment. His attitude is able to liven up the atmosphere, also makes a humorous person have many friends who feel at home around him.