Antique Ancient Paintings Worth Billions

Antique Ancient Paintings Antique Ancient Paintings Called Mr K, this middle-aged man guards 8 ancient (antique) paintings that are nearly 200 years old or 2 centuries old. PIn his interview, Mr. K said that these ancient paintings were from his ancestors who were also collectors of antiques. He was call Mr K because he object to giving his real name. “We kept this for decades. I take care of it and I take care of it, because I know it can  said to be priceless.

Inde, for ordinary people who do not know the artistic value and antiquity of paintings, they are normal, but on the contrary, if this painting seen by an art expert, they will definitely know its value. What’s more, if you  the historical value and the year this painting  made, you will  horrifi,” he said.

According to Mr K, there were 10 paintings in his possession.

“Well, the two governors in Indonesia bought them, who asked to hide their names. Now there only 8 paintings left,” he conclud. Now in his house there are 2 paintings by Raden Saleh, in 1821 and 1879. 2 by Basoeki Abdullah, 2 by S. Sudjojono.

1 by Trubus in 1907 and the other by the painter Bambang with the painting Singo Barong.

The value of the painting reaches hundreds of billions. Once he was offer by this country’s famous psychic to auction off the painting in France. Even the psychic wanted to pay for a trip to France, but Mr. always refused. K

“The paintings in my gallery in Europe are auction for hundreds of billions.

So there is one famous Indonesian psychic, Mr. X, who has now realized that he has come to my house three times and wants to finance abroad to be includ in auctions at well-known auction houses abroad, but I don’t want to yet,” he said. Because the proof is that one of the paintings by Raden Saleh at an auction in France exceeded the price of Rp. 119 billion more and the buyer turn out to be an Indonesian who did not want to be nam.

The painting depicts a bull goring a cavalryman.

“After the auction, he received appreciation from the presidential palace art consultant, Darmawan T, saying how great the work of the Indonesian nation’s children was, who was able to shake the world with his paintings reaching hundreds of billions,” he said. Now Mr. K dedicates his life to maintaining his noble heritage. He even deliberately kept his identity secret so as to protect the security of the paintings.

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