7 Korean Animated Films

7 Korean Animated Films

Korean Animated Films  South Korea  for its dramas and films, but it turns out that Korean animat filmsno less good. Many animat films from Korea well known, even air internationally. Many Korean animation studios are increasingly developing in creating quality animated films. Enjoying animated films does provide its own experience for film lovers. Especially for someone who really likes animated films. This type of film has an interesting storyline, and comes in various genres.

List of Attractive Korean Animated Films Korean animated films cover various stories and genres such as horror, comedy, to stories of sadness and heartwarming. Therefore, this animat film from Korea or what can be call aeni is suitable for you to watch.

Here are the recommendations:

1. Red Shoes and The Seven Dwarfs (2019)

This Korean animated film is similar to the fairy tale Snow White. Tells the story of Snow White who has a fat body and is not very beautiful, who then finds a magic shoe that turns Snow White into a beautiful princess. Snow  who turns into a beauty when wearing magic shoes but the shoes  gone.

Until finally he was involv with seven dwarfs who had secrets, it turn out that the seven dwarfs were seven handsome princes who were curs because of their arrogance.

2. The Haunted House (2016)

This Korean animated film tells about the adventures of Shinbi, a 102-year-old goblin and his friends in the face of various ghosts. This Aeni tells of two brothers and their friends in uncovering a haunted place. Of course, they will be assist by Shinbi goblins when investigating these supernatural things. This animat film is perfect for those of you who like scary ghost stories that  shown in animat films.

3. Lost in The Moonlight (2016)

Lost in the Moonlight is a fantasy world animat film that tells about the adventures of Hyunjuli, a 13-year-old girl who enters another world, called the Moonlit Palace. In this fantasy world, there are many magical creatures, HyunJuli, who enters the new world, must find her way back to her original world. However, he must defeat Lady Blossom, the ruler of the Moonlight Palace who does whatever he wants to rule over the place.

4. Super Girly: Flowering Heart (2019)

This Korean animated film is suitable for watching with children. This film tells the story of Ari, a 5th grade elementary school student who cares about the environment around him. He and his friends, Suh and Min, decide to start a club called Problem Solving. However, the club has a hard time getting going because no one at school has problems to solve. Ari who feels sad then meets a hamster that can talk. The hamster said that he had to find a magic ring. Their adventure begins.

5. The Underdog (2018)

The Under dog is one of the interesting animated films, telling the story of the lives of abandoned dogs neglected by humans. However, these dogs can live freely and have a life of their own. This animated film can  said to be successful and become the highest-grossing film. Not only that, this animated film is even the first Korean animation film to appear at the Tokyo Anime Award. For anime lovers, don’t forget to watch.

6. Little Dino Dooly (1983)

This animated Korean film is quite popular and liked by many people in various circles, not only children and even adults love it. This Korean animated film tells about the life of Dooly, a baby dinosaur with a chibi appearance.
Dooly along with his friends went on an adventure to explore various cities in South Korea. This anime is suitable to watch when spending free time. You can watch Little Dino Dooly on YouTube, as there are several episodes upload on the platform.

7. Pucca (2006)

Surely you are no stranger to hearing this name, the film Pucca is an animation originating from South Korea. Animation Pucca tells the story of a noodle shop owner’s daughter named Pucca. Apart from liking noodles, it turns out that there is another thing he likes, namely Garu who is a ninja.

The film Pucca can  said to  about the romantic journey of Pucca and Garu. Even though it looks like animation for children, it’s best to accompany your children or younger siblings when watching it. Because there are some scenes that are not suitable for viewing by children.