5 Philosophy Book Recommendations

5 Philosophy Book Recommendations

Philosophy Book Philosophy is a basic science related to existence, knowledge. Values, reason, mind and language.  is a general science that can be appli in everyday life. Philosophy Book Recommendations The term philosophy itself comes from the Greek. Namely “philein” which means “love” and “sophos” which means “wisdom or wisdom”. Therefore, philosophy is often referr to as the path to wisdom.

Philosophy is a science that investigates everything that exists in depth by using reason to its essence. Learning about philosophy can help to think more critically. Besides that, reading philosophy books can open a wider perspective, and control thoughts and emotions before taking an action.

1. Sophie’s World

The first philosophy book recommendation is Sophie’s World. This written by Jostein Gaarder. This book was publish on December 2, 1991, and has 518 pages. This Sophie’s World book is suitable for those of you who want to study a branch of philosophy.

One of the recommendations for this  tells the story of a teenage girl named Sophie. She meets a mysterious man named Alberto Knox. Her meeting with Knox made Sophie start studying philosophy. Philosophical teachings and values are describ by the author through Sophie’s daily activities and life.

Knowledge of philosophy that easy to understand written in light sentences through this book. In this book, Sophie teaches many lessons about medieval philosophy to how. Sophie seeks answers to the questions that arise in her mind. Although in some parts this novel seems absurd. Sophie’s World is still one of the best recommendations for philosophy books for beginners because it is easy to understand.

2. Philosophy 101

The next recommended philosophy book is Philosophy 101 from Plato and Socrates to Ethics and Metaphysics. Important Primer on the History of Thought. Book written directly by Paul Kleinman, and published by Adams Media. This book was publish on September 18, 2013, and has 384 pages.

This is suitable for beginners who are starting to learn about philosophy. This is because the book Philosophy 101 packs philosophical studies in a concise and light manner. Making it easy to understand. This book can provide a good understanding. Philosophy 101 can be liken to an introduction to. Philosophy because it provides general teachings and the development of philosophical thought.

3. Introduction to Philosophy

The next recommended philosophy book is Introduction to Philosophy written by K Bertens, Johanis Ohoitimur, and Michael Dua. This book was publish by Kanisius in 2018.An Introduction to. Philosophy book is able to provide a general understanding of philosophy for people who want to study it.

Although this book is only an introduction, the contents of this book make a comprehensive philosophical view. Introduction to Philosophy is also liken to a tunnel that can lead its readers to get to know philosophy. The discussion or explanation in this book made lightly, so that the reader  very easy to understand. This book is very suitable for use when starting to study philosophy so that it is easy to understand. Introduction to Philosophy provides many interesting discussions, for further study.

4. From Socrates to Satre

This one philosophical book cannot  left behind, namely the book written by T.Z.Lavine. From Socrates to Satre is one of the recommendations. For a philosophy book that describes the thoughts of philosophers from time to time. His discussion of the development of western philosophy in Plato’s era until finally when. Marxism began to dominate a third of the world.

This philosophy book also discusses the life of western philosophers in a historical and intellectual. Environment that influences the views and thoughts of these philosophers. From Socrates to Satre, this is perfect reading for beginners who want to get to know. The thoughts of Western philosophers in a coherent way. With a language that is easy to understand and understand, this book is very popular with beginners in .

5. History of Philosophy

The last philosophy book recommendation is the work of A.C.Grayling. The History of published by Penguin Books, on June 20 2019. This one book is a must-read for those of you who want to start studying philosophy. As the name implies. This book provides an explanation of the history of the development of philosophical schools from various countries.

Worry not because this book will take its readers from the time of Buddha. Confucius and Socrates through the capture of European minds by Christianity. From the Renaissance and the Enlightenment to Mill, Nietzsche, Sartre and, finally, today’s philosophy. Apart from that, this history of discusses the great philosophical traditions of India, China, and the Persian-Arab world, among others.

This book helps readers to understand the history of the development of philosophical thought.  Book is also based on research and surveys that support this explanation. This book is packag in a language style that is easy to understand, therefore. This history of is very suitable to  a reading book for beginners in philosophy.