5 Benefits Listening Music

5 Benefits Listening Music

Benefits Listening Music is an important part of human life. We listen to it every day either intentionally or unintentionally. Often in our waking state a certain song comes to mind and we find ourselves singing along. While we can’t be sure when humans started listening to music, scientists do know something that made us fall in love with music and make it part of our hobby.

Listening to music benefits us individually and collectively. The power of music to improve our physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are a myriad of benefits from listening to your favorite music, as reported by lifehack.org

1. Make the Mood Happier

To raise your mood and feel excited, try listening to your favorite song for 15 minutes. Automatically a sense of natural pleasure in the mind will grow again. This concept is also supported by a study, which proves that when you listen to music you like, the brain will automatically release dopamine. A compound in the brain that functions to create a sense of “comfort”.

2. Helps Sleep Quality Better

For those of you who often experience insomnia at night, because there are problems that can’t be separated from thoughts or unfinished work, then remember to listen to music. Try turning off the room lights and closing your eyes while listening to classical music at a minimal volume, then in less than 30 minutes you will dissolve into a dream. A person who listens to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes before going to bed will have better sleep quality than those who do nothing before going to bed.

3. Effective in Reducing Depression

Problems are never separated from human life. The problem is so complicated that data appears that there are more than 350 million people suffering from depression worldwide. Besides being able to improve sleep quality, listening to classical music is also effective for reducing your depression. His chant is slow but still charismatic, known to be effective in bringing back enthusiasm to solve problems that make you depressed.

4. Music Overcomes Stress

Apart from depression, music is also effective for dealing with or managing your stress. A study revealed that people who listen to music will recover faster from the stress experienced than those who don’t. The reason is because listening to music reduces the release of the hormone cortisol or the stress hormone in the body. That’s why music can overcome stress and reduce symptoms of depression.

5. Prevent Seizures in People with Epilepsy

Before having a seizure, people with epilepsy will feel a certain flow of electricity in the brain. Listening to music, especially classical music, is believed to prevent the appearance of the electrical currents that trigger these seizures.

Those are 5 benefits of listening to your favorite music. Even though it can help overcome some of the problems above, make sure to always maintain your body’s health by eating nutritious food and getting enough rest.